Get rapid answers from your existing business data.

You can't get quick answers you need to make valuable decisions because that data is spread out and held hostage in the very same systems and databases you already pay for.

That's just plain wrong.

We know how that feels. We help small and medium-sized businesses get the most important answers they need without all the fuss and expense of complex software and staff.

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

Veracity3 pulls everything into one place without having to change software or wait for people.


Finally understand how your business is truly performing, end-to-end and top-to-bottom. When the key information spread out and held hostage in "all the systems" finally comes together in Veracity3, you get that "aha!" moment your business needs.


Where are your best opportunities for growth? For margin and profitability? For cost savings? The answers sit right in your data. You know this, yet it's been just out of your reach. Not anymore. Insight is yours just like the data itself is yours. Harness it now.


You have already spent large, precious resources on software, databases, "systems." Why do they leave you just short of the big value you need, pulling it all together? Veracity3 enables you to leverage all these existing investments and harness their value. And multiply it!

On the Same Page

Imagine finally being on the same page among the executive team when it comes to assessing what's happening in the business, and where changes need to be made. No more divergence on the numbers, multiple sources of truth and questions about which numbers are right (or no numbers at all, only "guts and guesses"). Get everybody on one page. The same page. Go!

Rapid Answers

Power through your data QUICKLY in one place designed for speed. Find the answers without changing software or waiting for people to slug it out in Excel.


Your business needs you now more than ever. You carry the burden of knowing where the company has been and straining toward where it needs to go, but you've had to rely more on your gut (as good as that is) than on data-driven insights. Not anymore. Move forward with true confidence that your data is combined with your experience to produce a solid path forward. You can do this. Veracity3 is your secret weapon.

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