Use Tri-8 as your own secret weapon for innovation, research and development.

No company on the planet does everything well. Even titans like Google, Apple, IBM and Walmart use outside firms to drive specialized innovation and R&D. By carefully selecting a good match of talents & needs and skillfully integrating this expertise into the parent organization, these powerhouses win even bigger using muscle-for-hire.

You can do the same. Tri-8’s Custom3 consulting services have made millions of dollars for key partners. We’ve streamlined applications, launched brand new products (with our clients’ logos & branding on them), automated key processes, locked down security, and been the “think tank” for new, innovative ideas. Put our team of innovators, architects, developers and strategists to work for you.

“Hockey Stick” Growth

Many companies reach a plateau in their growth curve, when just the right shot in the arm can reinvigorate their whole enterprise and rev the growth engine. Tri-8 is this shot in the arm, driving your sales and growth higher, your expenses lower, and your profits into the the peak. Time to look for that “hockey stick” growth curve on your next chart.

Energized Innovation

The right energy at the right time can spur the innovation you need. Our team can work alongside yours to get the energy flowing, the ideas stirring. Your own innovators get a lift and your whole enterprise feels the energy. Don’t have much in the way of in-house innovation anymore? Then start it with Tri-8!

More System, Less Staff

Find ways to automate your operations and build scalable, reliable systems. Reduce manual labor. Retrain staff to do creative and productive work instead of “moving rocks” and “flipping switches.” With Tri-8 innovation and development driving your business, your systems yield new life and your margins shoot upward. Reduce your staff or at least grow significantly without adding staff.

No Firefighting

Stop spending your time fighting fires caused by outdated (or absent) technology, and start beating your competition to the ball. Release the boat anchor dragging down your operations, typically found in a legacy system that can’t be “safely” modified any longer or enhanced to meet current business objectives, and squelch the chaos of incoming support requests caused by malfunctioning applications. Let Tri-8 show you how.


It’s hard to hire another 100 staffers overnight (especially good ones) but it’s easy to fire up another 100 system resources and double throughput when the system has been designed with scalability in mind. Let Tri-8 work with your own solution architects and developers to make scalability a reality, or if you don’t have in-house personnel, let Tri-8 do it solo. Either way, you win.

Competitive Advantage

Don’t let your competition get the upper hand. Beat them to the ball with innovation driven by a proven team with a 30 year track record. Innovate new products, new automation, new capabilities and new efficiencies to leave your competition shaking their heads and wondering how you did it.

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Case Studies

JM Eagle
Case Study: JM Eagle

When the world’s largest pipe manufacturer needed special expertise, they turned to a team of specialists including Tri-8. A polyethylene pipe manufacturing plant dealing in mission-critical gas pipe and fittings needed automation, inventory management, shipyard asset tracking with wireless handheld devices, and a host of other major improvements. Custom3 got it done. More Info »

JM Eagle

In this case, Tri-8 worked under the primary development firm as a subcontractor. A custom shipping management system was needed for the primary fittings operation. Shipping warehouse inventory management was needed in order to significantly improve inventory accuracy. Finished goods processing was needed to ensure that manufacturing led to proper inventory storage and control. Integration with an outside system (back at corporate) was needed in order to ensure enterprise-wide data availability. Full lot control was needed across the boards to ensure regulatory compliance. And, training was needed for all respective parties along the way. Tri-8’s Custom3 team worked alongside another outside development firm to get it done right.

Case Study: A Midwestern P&C Insurance Company

This client, who must remain anonymous, was a 30-year-old company offering a niche but very popular insurance product in the Property & Casualty market. Even after 30 solid years in business, they knew there was more to be seen. And there was, thanks to Custom3 services from Tri-8. More Info »


Tri-8 built a full in-house ERP system, mostly from scratch, which drove company growth for about 8 years, followed by a second iteration which drove sales up yet again. Meanwhile, Tri-8 also took this client to the web, developing a fully-integrated, realtime self-service insurance policy management system that enabled policyholders to review, add and update coverage directly, with integrated credit card processing provided by Charge3, enabling the client to grow even more, without adding staff. Tri-8 then noticed a key gap in the marketing methods and operations of the client, and innovated an automated, customized policy renewal marketing system that added seven figures in renewal business right out of the gate. The sky's the limit.

Case Study: AVR

AVR was on the brink of serious growth and opportunity, eager to seize it, but needed core automation and system stability improvements to make it happen, plus key new ideas and innovation. Problem was, internal staff was already inundated with client requests and existing enhancements to complete. Enter Custom3 by Tri-8. More Info »


AVR used Tri-8 Custom3 services to design and build a clustered web application environment upon which to run AVR’s existing online application, resulting in a 99.99% uptime rate, and relied on Custom3 to design and develop a backoffice data distribution system capable of automating data synchronization with 100 remote client sites or more, all scalable and fault tolerant. The AVR Network Operations Center needed a powerful, central, webservice-based management system capable of logging and tracking any number of remote services, as well as capable of detecting not only active errors but also omissions of service runs and expected events. The backoffice needed software development coordination and bug tracking with collaboration, as well as automated deployment, once again to 100 sites or more. The webservices department needed data replication and 24x7 backup improvements. The whole enterprise needed a service-oriented webservices hub and data model to tie together data silos that had previously been isolated, and to offer key new innovative products to the market. And, to top it off, AVR needed a partner able to communicate with AVR clients in a way that accurately and faithfully delivered the message of AVR’s commitment to excellence, innovation and R&D--a spokesman able to drive home this crucial message. Tri-8 listened, responded, and brought it all to pass with Custom3 services.

"AVR is known for innovation. Core to that has been our partnership with Tri-8. Together we have innovated exciting new products and significantly improved our sophistication. We view Custom3 as an important extension of our company."
— Ron Emberg, CEO, AVR, Inc.

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