Realtime, secure electronic payment processing built right into your app. PCI compliance with high performance.

Charge3 is software designed by developers for developers. A couple decades ago, Tri-8 set out to produce an API that we wished we would have had ourselves when handling custom payment processing applications for our clients. We built Charge3 with ease of integration, performance and robustness in mind.

Every solution architect and developer hopes to keep focused on the application solution itself, not on lower-level details such as credit card authorizations. Charge3 enables that very thing. We handle the underlying transactions while you handle the bigger picture: your application. Win.

High Performance

Fast transactions make for happy customers and higher sales. That’s why Charge3 doesn’t lay off the gas pedal. Credit card transactions authorize in 1.3 seconds, typically, giving near-instant feedback to your website visitors, point-of-sale customers, or backoffice processes. Get the auth, book the sale, done. Fast.


Recurring or batch-oriented business processes in your enterprise may need to run many transactions in a large block. No problem. Slam Charge3 with multiple transactions simultaneously. It’s ready. Authorizations are interleaved for high performance and optimized for maximum throughput. Call it once, dump them in, and get all the results in one single return.

Fully Integrated

Charge3 is designed by developers for developers. Tri-8 has been processing electronic payments with Charge3 (formerly OneStep Charge) for over a decade. We designed an API middleware layer specifically with the developer in mind, seeking to give today’s enterprise architects and system developers what we wished we would have had “back in the day” for ourselves: clean, fully integrated APIs ready to go. Integrate the payment API right into your existing app code, then focus on your app. Focus is good.

Broad Processor Support

There are lots of processors out there. TSYS, Global Payments, First Data and beyond. Charge3 works with all the biggies and frontending via one of them for your existing merchant account, even if you’re on somebody else’s platform, is easy. Bring ‘em on.

PCI Compliant Vault

Charge3 relieves your enterprise of the heavy burden that comes with storing PCI protected credit card data. Using Charge3 Vault for PCI certified storage outside your application and off your network, you can use saved-card and auto-recurring processes within your application but without ever having to store a card number.

Triple Redundant

Your payment processing subsystem cannot go down. Your customers are buying but is your system up and running? With Charge3, it is, thanks to triple redundancy built into the Charge3 Engine. Multiple independent processing nodes yield high availability across geographic boundaries. The result? When a sale is ready to close and the transaction is locked and loaded, Charge3 is ready to go.

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Current Version: 2.2d (including documentation)

MD5: f39c693866f432ecec116609b2fe7231
MD5: fdf32059787ef8536555741215c708ab

Case Studies

Tyco Electronics
Case Study: Tyco Electronics

TE needed a payment API for their enterprise application capable of secure and tightly-integrated transactions, without the burden of local PCI data storage. Charge3 fit the bill. More Info »

Tyco Electronics

TE turned to Tri-8 to assist in finding the right balance between application needs and PCI compliance with reduced burden. Charge3 Vault technology enabled TE to offload card number and other data storage and keep their system clean, receiving back from the API a harmless token for local storage. As a result, TE engineers could focus on application-level needs and enhancements, relieved of the burden of low-level details as well as PCI compliance burdens in the lower application stack tiers (including storage tier).

Case Study: AVR

AVR was faced with a very serious problem. A crucial new product rollout was pending and key clients had already signed up, with high expectations. Then the payment processing vendor pulled the carpet right out from underneath. Enter Charge3. More Info »


AVR had to move very quickly to find a payment processing partner able to handle the traffic, many merchants, and high availability needs... all with the utmost of clean APIs that would enable the enterprise application programmers to stay focused on final features for the application rollout. With Charge3, AVR’s programmers were able to keep that focus indeed. AVR met their deadline and stole the show, even under such high pressure, thanks to the reliability and seamless integration of Charge3. AVR now processes millions of transactions across hundreds of merchants, all via embedded Charge3.

Carlson Systems
Case Study: Carlson Systems

Carlson Systems had a solid ERP system and programmers of their own. But, with customer-facing applications to maintain and plenty of card-present counter sales to handle, Carlson Systems didn’t have time to mess with underlying authorization API details. They turned to Charge3. More Info »

Carlson Systems

Charge3 enabled Carlson Systems to implement not only a solid payment API for existing transaction flow, but also to handle Purchase Card Level III details (PC III) even in a card-present environment, all while letting the on-staff enterprise developers stay focused on the enterprise application itself. PC III functions in Charge3 were implemented in short order, built into the ERP, and the system was ready.

"We have a large volume of card-present counter sales transactions in our system, and we wanted a solid Level III-capable solution ready-made for Progress. Charge3 answered the bell, and has performed splendidly. Pure Progress is the best way to go."
— Coby Inman, Carlson Systems

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