Deep audits for your RFID implementation. Verify your solution’s accuracy and performance.

Your RFID implementation is valuable and its ROI is crucial. But is it actually working as you expect? Know for sure with an “audit on autopilot” using Veracity3, the gold standard for independent validation. Veracity3 proves your solution using best-in-class technology coupled with best practices for the audit process.

Armed with this crucial suite of tools, data and processes, your team can test the limits of your RFID implementation, discover anomalies, plug gaps, fine tune, and adapt. Management and key stakeholders can rest assured of your solution’s ROI thanks to solid analytics and meaningful reporting.


Handheld software at its best, Veracity3 Snapshot empowers rapid, accurate data capture on the floor. Using today’s best hardware, Snapshot enables auditors to move through zones quickly yet with thorough tag coverage--the "holy grail" of audit data capture.


Systematic Anomaly Detection (SAD) detects tag anomalies using metrics provided by your stakeholders. These anomalies can then be individually investigated using the same Veracity3 handheld client, saving time and money while solving problems and edge cases.

Rich Analytics

A solution is only as good as your ability to benefit from it. Without deep, rich analytics, you’re left wondering what’s real. Veracity3 has you covered with the depth and breadth of quality analytics you need.

Audit on Autopilot

The biggest challenge to an RFID audit is the process itself. The lowest common denominator is the audit team and their ability to capture reliable, accurate data in a timely manner. Even the world's largest organizations struggle with this foundational core process--our team has seen it firsthand. But Veracity3 is your Audit on Autopilot as the Snapshot client and best practices combine for a smooth, reliable audit process, yielding crucial data you can count on.


EPC C1G2 is the gold standard on the sales floor as well as the backroom, and Veracity3 has you covered. Our team has significant EPC C1G2 experience from within the world’s largest retailer and applies that core knowledge to make Veracity3 itself the gold standard for EPC C1G2 audits.

Cloud Powered

No software to install. No servers to setup and manage. No provisioning to plan. Veracity3 harnesses the power of the latest in Cloud-based webservices, UI, data management and storage, putting you in the driver’s seat right away. Just go.

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